Month: September 2017

John Andrew Morrow

Dhu al-Hijjah 10, 1438

The Muslims are coming. They are invading America. They are taking over. They are imposing seventh-century Shari‘ah Law on good, God-fearing, Christians. They are oppressing women. They are living off the welfare system like blood-sucking leeches. They are spreading crime and disease. Just look at Muslim-dominated Detroit, writes Geoffrey Grider, “a full-time minister for the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” it is America’s most violent, crime-filled city. Pause. Reflection. Reason. Comparison.

Detroit, Michigan, is not a Muslim-dominated city. It is a city dominated by Christians and secularists; 42.16% of people in Detroit identify as religious: 16.83% are Catholic; 6.9% are Baptist; 2.2% are Lutheran; 1.9% are Methodist; 1.6% are Pentecostal; 1.5% are Presbyterian; 0.34% are LDS while 6.5% belong to other Christian denominations. 0.001% of people in Detroit are Jewish; 0.26% practice an eastern faith while a mere 3.62% affiliate with Islam.

To assert that Detroit is “Muslim-dominated” is ignorant and nonsensical. At 38%, Christians represent the largest religious group in the city. Since secularists represent nearly 58% of the population, Detroit is a mainly irreligious city. This number is higher than the national average. In the US, an average of 50% of Americans describe themselves as secular.

It is Dearborn, Michigan, that has a large Arab American population. At nearly 30% of the population, however, they are hardly a majority. And although most of the Arabs in Dearborn are Muslims, the community includes a considerable number of Christians, mostly Maronites, Assyrians, Chaldeans, and Syriacs. How does Dearborn, a city with nearly 30% Muslims, compare with Detroit, a city with nearly 40% Christians?

On a scale from 1 to 100, with a higher number corresponding with more crime, the “Muslim” city of Dearborn earns 31.7 in violent crimes and 51.6 in property crime whereas the “Christian” city of Detroit earns 95.5 in violent crimes and 66.1 in property crimes. To put matters into perspective, the US average for violent crimes is 31.1 while property crimes are 38.1. The Arab American Muslims from Dearborn appear to act more like law-abiding, civilized, citizens, than the American Christians and secularists who make up 83% of Detroit’s population.

If we compare the crime rates, per 100,000 people, between “Islamic” Dearborn and “Christian” Detroit, based on FBI statistics from 2006, which differ little from those for 2016, the results are revealing (refer to the table of data below):

Detroit, MI Dearborn, MI National
murder 47.3 2.1 7.0
forcible rape 67.1 22.4 32.2
robbery 818.6 174.7 205.8
aggravated assault 1486.0 286.6 336.5
burglary 2050.3 713.9 813.2
larceny theft 2406.8 3454.2 2601.7
vehicle theft 2591.1 1102.8 501.5

When it comes to killing, the “Islamo-fascists” from Dearborn cannot compete with the “Crusaders” from Detroit. Although it is no longer “Murder Capital, USA,” Detroit comes in third place, after St. Louis and Baltimore, as the most murderous, blood-soaked, cities in the country. Its overall crime rate is 105% higher than the national average. While far from perfect, Dearborn is safer than 28% of the cities in the United States.

So, what happens when Muslims move into the neighborhood as they did in Dearborn, Michigan, in the 19th and 20th centuries and continue to do so today? They work hard as Muslims most always do. They build strong families. They help one another. They create businesses. They educate their children and especially their young women. They become professionals. They serve in the military. They enter politics. They become wealthy. They become philanthropists. In short, they integrate into American society. The same, however, cannot be said of those “Christians” in Detroit, some will argue. “But they are poor, dispossessed, and discriminated against.” Sure, it can be said, but so were the Arab Muslims who settled in Dearborn. “You can’t compare them to us. They are Christians but we are Black…” Racism comes full circle…

The comparison between African American Christian Detroit and Arab American Muslim Dearborn is not necessarily fair. The historical, sociological, and economic situation is complex and the variables are many. Contrasting the two communities, however, serves a didactic purpose and helps refute the lies of racists, bigots, and hate-mongers who try to pass themselves off as journalists. Muslims are not a menace, not any more than Christians are a menace. People are people. They are the product of their environment. Generalizing is generally wrong. However, if we look at the example of Arab Americans, particularly those from Dearborn, Michigan, the empirical evidence indicates that Muslims make the best of neighbors and are invaluable assets to the United States of America.

Dr. John Andrew Morrow is both Muslim and Michif. An academic and a religious scholar, he has authored a large body of articles and books in the fields of Islamic, Hispanic, and Indigenous Studies. An activist and advisor to world leaders, he received an ISNA Leadership Award in 2016. He can be followed, and His videos can be viewed on The Covenants of the Prophet Channel on YouTube.

John Andrew Morrow

 Dhu al-Hijjah 10, 1438

The militants had been spreading west for years, raping, mutilating, and murdering as they extended their reign of terror. Since his people were defenseless, the village elder decided that surrender was the only option. Considering that his village was on the front line of the war between foreign fanatics and the national resistance, death and destruction was a certainty.

Since the invaders outnumbered the local fighting forces, surpassed them technologically, and were on the verge of overrunning the village, the tribal chief, along with hundreds of elders, arranged to meet with the terrorist leader. So long as the villagers relocated to terrorist territory 40 miles away, and flew the flag of the foreign invaders, they were guaranteed protection.

As instructed, the local leader marched his people to an area controlled by religious fanatics. The rag-tag group consisted of elderly men, who were too old or ill to fight, along with women and children. The young men from the village refused to submit and decided to join the resistance.

Exhausted by the grueling march, and having left most of their belongings behind, the tribal members were in a state of desperation. They set up makeshift tents on the outskirts of an-extremist controlled village. They flew the flag of the foreigners. They even raised a white flag to inform other militants that they were a peaceful population that had submitted to them.

Next day, as the flags fluttered in the wind, the refugee settlement, numbering 200 old men, women, and children, was surrounded by nearly 700 militants. To the surprise and shock of the internally displaced, a terrorist commander gave order to attack. Two sub-commanders refused to obey and ordered their men not to fire. The commander cried out, “Damn any man who sympathizes with Infidels! I have come to kill Infidels, and believe it is right and honorable to use any means under God’s heaven to kill Infidels… Kill and scalp all, big and little.”

With zealous fury, the terrorists commenced to slaughter the defenseless population. Were they being punished for the fact that their young men had joined the resistance? Were they being punished for belonging to another race or ethnic group? Were they being punished for not sharing the religious beliefs of the fanatics? All they knew is that they had been set up for systematic slaughter by the people who had promised them protection in exchange for surrender. Loyalty did not protect them from treachery.

John Milton Chivington

As for what happened next, the testimony of the following six witnesses shed light on the darkness of that day,

I saw the bodies of those lying there cut all to pieces, worse mutilated than any I ever saw before; the women cut all to pieces… With knives; scalped; their brains knocked out; children two or three months old; all ages lying there, from suckling infants up to warriors… By whom were they mutilated?

I saw one Infidel lying on the bank, whose leg had been broken. A soldier came up to her with a drawn weapon. She raised her arm to protect herself; he struck, breaking her arm. She rolled over, and raised her other arm; he struck, breaking that, and then left her without killing her. I saw one Infidel cut open, with an unborn child lying by her side.

There was one little child, probably three years old, just big enough to walk through the sand. The little fellow was perfectly naked, traveling in the sand. I saw one man draw up his rifle and fire. He missed the child. Another man came up and said, “let me try to get the son of a bitch. I can hit him.” He got down, kneeled-down and fired at the little child, but he missed him. A third man came up, and made a similar remark, and fired, and the little fellow dropped.

Fingers and ears were cut off the bodies for the jewelry they carried. The body of one man, lying solitarily in the creek bed, was a prime target. Besides scalping him the soldiers cut off his nose, ears, and testicles — the last for a pouch…

Men, women, and children’s privates cut out. I heard one man say that he had cut a woman’s private parts out and had them for exhibition on a stick. I heard of one instance of a child, a few months old, being thrown into the feed-box of a wagon, and after being carried some distance, left on the ground to perish; I also heard of numerous instances in which men had cut out the private parts of females and stretched them over their hats.

Just to think of that dog and his dirty hounds… His men shot down human beings, and blew the brains out of little innocent children.

Before leaving the area, the commander and his men pillaged the meager belongings of the butchered refugees. As the smoke cleared, they looked for the wounded, and finished them off one by one. They scalped many of the dead: women, children, and infants. They used scalps and other body parts, including human fetuses, and male and female private parts, to decorate their weapons, hats, and gear. After raping the women, they cut out their genitals and stretched them over the base of their headgear. Other parts appeared as buttons at the front. The militants cut off the scrotums of the men and used them to make pouches. They publicly displayed these body parts as battle trophies throughout town.

“Islam is from the Devil.” “Muslims are all evil.” “Ban them all.” “Kill them all.” Sorry, gentle reader, this atrocity did not take place in Syria or Iraq in 2017. It took place in southeastern Colorado Territory on November 29, 1864. The commander in question was John Milton Chivington (1821–1894), a Christian pastor. The victims identified as Infidels were Indians or Native Americans: two-thirds of them were women and children. The psychopathic rapists, mutilators, and murderers who committed these crimes were not Muslims. They were Christians. They were under the command of an ordained Methodist minister. They invoked the name of God. They acted in the name of Christ. They were what we Amerindians call wasichus or white devils.

Unlike white supremacists who demonize all non-whites, and unlike Christian supremacists who demonize all non-Christians, we indigenous people do not generalize. Those that generalize know nothing of our ways. We believe that all human beings, regardless of their race, are the children of the Creator. Some are righteous. Others are wicked. We judge people on the content of their character, not their color or creed. While some so-called followers of Christ are really followers of Anti-Christ, we distinguish between true Christians who are godly and false Christians who are demonic. If it is wrong for non-whites and non-Christians to view all whites and all Christians as devils, it is wrong for whites and Christians to view all Muslims as devils as well. And “Allah is the most just of judges” (95:08).

Dr. John Andrew Morrow is an Amerindian with Canadian and American citizenship. He received his PhD from the University of Toronto in the year 2000. He worked as an Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor of Foreign Languages for over a decade and a half at Park University, Northern State University, Eastern New Mexico University, the University of Virginia, and Ivy Tech Community College. He is the author of over thirty academic books in the fields of Hispanic, Islamic, and Indigenous Studies. A public figure and activist, he lectures all around the globe and acts as an advisor to world leaders. In recognition for his accomplishments, Dr. Morrow received an ISNA Interfaith Leadership Award in 2016. He may be followed on Twitter at @drjamorrow. His websites are as well as His videos can be viewed on The Covenants of the Prophet Channel on YouTube.