Understanding Islam: The Prophet’s Covenants

By Holy Irritant (June 11, 2019)

A growing number of scholars now contend that the Prophet Muhammad made pledges to protect Christian, Jewish and other monotheistic communities and granted them rights of religious freedom. These Covenants contradict the restrictive and discriminatory rules found in texts of Islamic law and challenge long-held beliefs about Islam’s teachings on the rights of non-Muslims under Muslim rule. This presentation delivered in Brisbane on 11th June 2019 examined the evidence for the authentication of the Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad and discusses their implication for interfaith relations, peaceful coexistence and our understanding of Islam’s original teachings.

Halim Rane is an Associate Professor of Islam-West Relations at Griffith University. His research encompasses the fields of Islamic studies, sociology of religion, media and communications. In 2015 he received the prestige award of Australian University of the Year. His latest publications include the peer-reviewed paper, “Cogent Religious Instruction”: A Response to the Phenomenon of Radical Islamist Terrorism in Australia, and the book, Islam and Muslim Communities in the West: Major Issues and Debates.