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Islam and the People of the Book: Critical Studies on the Covenants of the Prophet. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016. (Forthcoming)

Six Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad in Six Languages: The Original Arabic along with Translations in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Russian. (Forthcoming)

‘Uhud al-nabi li-masihiyyin al-‘alam. Trans. Dr. Amar Sellam and Dr. Mohamed Elkouche. Bayrut: Dar al-Kutub al-‘Ilmiyyah, 2016 (Forthcoming)

Morrow, John Andrew. Restoring the Balance: Using the Qur’an and Sunnah to Guide Return to the Prophet’s Islam. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016.

Las palabras de Allah al Profeta Muhammad: cuarenta dichos sagrados. Madrid: Mandala Ediciones, 2016. (Forthcoming)

El minarete y el campanario: los pactos del Profeta Muhammad con los cristianos del mundo. New Orleans: University Press of the South, 2015.

The Words of God to Prophet Muhammad: Forty Sacred Sayings / Ahadith Qudsiyyah. Chicago: Kazi Publications, 2015. (with Charles Upton)

Six Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of His Time. Tacoma, WA: Covenants Press, 2015.

The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World. Hillsdale, NY: Sophia Perennis; Tacoma, WA: Angelico Press, 2013.

Islamic Images and Ideas: Essays on Sacred Symbolism. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Sons, 2013.

Religion and Revolution: Spiritual and Political Islam in Ernesto Cardenal. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016. (with Ernesto Cardenal)

Islamic Insights: Writings and Reviews. Qum: Ansariyan Publications, 2012. Buy now! Hujjat Book Shop / IHS Store

The Encyclopedia of Islamic Herbal Medicine. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Sons, 2011.  

Amerindian Elements in the Poetry of Ernesto Cardenal: Mythic Foundations of the Colloquial Narrative. Lewiston: Edwin Mellen Press, 2010.

Amerindian Elements in the Poetry of Rubén Darío: The Alter Ego as the Indigenous Other. Lewiston: Edwin Mellen Press, 2008.

Arabic, Islam, and the Allah Lexicon: How Language Shapes our Conception of God. Lewiston: Edwin Mellen P, 2006.

The Indigenous Presence in Rubén Darío and Ernesto Cardenal. Toronto: University of Toronto, 2000. [doctoral dissertation]

FORTHCOMING BOOKS (Works in Progress)

Finding W.D. Fard: Unveiling the Identity of the Founder of the Nation of Islam.

Shi‘ism in the Maghreb and al-Andalus

Islam for Indigenous People

What Isn’t Islam

A Taste of Traditions

The Metis: A Proud People


Morelli, Miguel Ángel. Humanos Casi Humanos. Translated and Edited by John Andrew Morrow. Universidad Nacional de Quilmes; Universidad Nacional de Rosario; Northern State University; Eastern New Mexico University; John F. Kennedy University; Tiempo Sur: Quilmes-Rosario, Argentina, 2009.

Saduq, Shaykh. Kitab al-Tawhid: The Book of Divine Unity. Edited by John Andrew Morrow, Sayyid ‘Ali Rizvi, and Barbara Castleton. Annotated by John Andrew Morrow and Sayyid ‘Ali Rizvi. Qum: The Saviour Foundation, 2010.

Vittor, Luis Alberto. Shi‘ite Islam: Orthodoxy or Heterodoxy. 2n. By Luis Alberto Vittor. Translated, Edited, and Annotated by John Andrew Morrow. Ed. Qum: Ansariyan Publications, 2010.

Downloads of various digital editions: 3rd Imam / Islamic Blessings / Houston Islam / Feedbooks / Scribd / Beta al-Islam

—. El islam shiíta: ¿ortodoxia o heterodoxia? By Luis Alberto Vittor. Edited and Annotated by John Andrew Morrow. Ansariyan Publications, 2010.

—. Shi‘ite Islam: Orthodoxy or Heterodoxy. By Luis Alberto Vittor. Translated, Edited, and Annotated by John Andrew Morrow. Qum: Ansariyan Publications, 2006.

Download an earlier incarnation of this book from: al-islam.org


Dar al-Kutub al-‘Ilmiyyah: Based out of Beirut, Lebanon, Dar al-Kutub al-‘Ilmiyyah is one of the largest publishing houses in the Arab World.

Sophia Perennis: Sophia Perennis is dedicated to publishing the best contemporary writing on the world’s wisdom traditions, largely from a Traditionalist or “Perennialist” perspective, as well as reprinting recognized classics.

Angelico Press: The Angelico Press is a non-profit corporation dedicated to making the rich tradition of Catholic intellectual and cultural life more available to Catholic families, students, and scholars. It publishes both new books and quality out-of-print works of apologetics, theology, philosophy, political and social thought, spirituality, history, art, biography, and literature. It gives careful attention to choice of titles, elegant book design and production, and affordable prices. Angelico will also publish an extensive selection of inexpensive ebooks to meet burgeoning demand.

Along with Catholic classics, children’s books, and scholarly works, Angelico has started a new imprint, Angelico Press/Sophia Perennis, under which it now publishes new works that offer avenues into the spiritual life, incorporating the fullness of the Church’s tradition in ways not commonly found in the contemporary Catholic world. This imprint also offers works that engage the modern world in its myriad aspects. The Angelico Press is especially interested in books that seek to heal the rift between theology and spirituality, and between art and the sacred, and that combine ways of knowing the Faith with ways of living the Faith.

McFarland:  McFarland is a leading U.S. publisher of scholarly, reference, and academic books.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Cambridge Scholars Publishing is an academic publisher aiming to promote knowledge and learning through the production and distribution of valuable academic works. It publishes in all areas of the arts and humanities.

University Press of the South: Committed to excellence in academic publishing. Publishes and distributes academic publications in a long list of languages. Founded in 1996.

The Edwin Mellen Press: The Edwin Mellen Press conceives, publishes, and markets advanced research in the humanities and social sciences. Mellen authors are scholars who make a significant contribution to knowledge and culture through research. Mellen authors:  Hold Ph.D. degrees in their field; are professors and researchers at leading universities around the world; adhere to the highest levels of research quality and professionalism; believe that research should be evaluated solely on the basis of its quality and contribution and represent a community of readers and reviewers of Mellen research.

Kazi Publications: Kazi Publications, Inc. is the oldest Islamic publisher and distributor in North America. Our titles can be found in libraries, university bookstores and major American chain stores for people of all age groups who want to learn more about Islamic culture and civilization covering a history of almost 1500 years. This history reflects developments in Quranic and Hadith studies, science, economics, jurisprudence, political thought, art and spirituality. One of its most successful publishing programs has been that of the Great Books of the Islamic World Series in order to inform young people about their culture and civilization. Over the years, Kazi Publications has worked with some of the best known writers of books on Islam including: Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Gai Eaton, Sulayman Nyang, Alia Athar, Aminah McCloud, Shahid Athar, and Laleh Bakhtiar. Books published by Kazi Publications are regularly reviewed on National Public Radio and Publishers Weekly. Most recently Laleh Bakhtiar’s translation of the Sublime Quran was reviewed by the New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, and the London Times. She appeared on CNN, CBS, al-Jazeera and several times on various BBC programs as well as many others media appearances throughout the world.

Mandala Ediciones: Mandala Ediciones nació en 1980 con la intención de contribuir a la expresión y al desarrollo de una cultura alternativa que propone y defiende una nueva visión del mundo basada en valores éticos, ecológicos y espirituales más que en los puramente materialistas y mercantilistas hoy imperantes. Algunos lo han denominado la “Nueva Era,” nosotros no le ponemos nombre, simplemente pensamos que es necesario “despertar” a una nueva conciencia más respetuosa con nosotros mismos y con el entorno. Especialmente hemos enfocado nuestro interés en el campo de las terapias alternativas, la ecología y el desarrollo personal. Señalamos aquí los temas que nos parecen más importantes y que estamos tratando de difundir con nuestras publicaciones.

Ansariyan Publications: Ansariyan Publications is an Iranian publisher located in Qum, the world center for Shi‘ite scholarship. It has specialized in publishing Islamic literature for the past thirty years, some of which has become standard reference material. Although most of its books are published in English, the press also publishes books in Arabic, Urdu, Persian, French, Azerbaijani Turkish, Turkish, Russian, Tajikistani, Spanish, and German.

Savior’s Press: The Savior’s Press is a scholarly publisher based in London, England, which specializes in the publication of critical editions and translations of classical Shi’ite texts.


“The Impact of Global English on the Arabic Language.” Global English: Issues of Language, Culture, and Identity in the Arab World. Ed. Ahmad al-Issa and Laila S. Dahan. New York: Peter Lang,  2011.

“Rubén Darío: los árabes, el islam y el mundo musulmán.” Identidades hispánicas más allá de las fronteras nacionales: Ensayos en homenaje a Keith Ellis. Ed. María del Carmen Sillato and Patricia Vargas. New Orleans: U Press of the South, 2012.

“César Vallejo.” The Literary Encyclopedia. London, England, 2010.

“The Arabian Nights.” The Literary Encyclopedia. London, England, 2010.

“Pre and Early Islamic Literature.” Cultural History of Reading. Ed. Gabrielle Watling. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2008.

“North Dakota” Latino America. Ed. Mark Overmyer-Velázquez. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2008.

“South Dakota.” Latino America. Ed. Mark Overmyer-Velázquez. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2008.

“The Image of the Road in Islamic Literature.” Proceedings from the Image of the Road Conference. Eds. Will Wright and Steven Kaplan. Pueblo: SISSI, ColoradoState U-Pueblo, 2005.

“Juan Felipe Toruño: auténtico eco daríano.” Juan Felipe Toruño en dos mundos: análisis crítico de sus obras. Eds. Ardis Nelson and Rhina Toruño. Lawrence, MA: Cambridge Brickhouse, 2006.


Peter Lang: Peter Lang is an international publisher of academic books in the fields of humanities, language studies and social sciences.

University Press of the South: The University Press of the South is a prestigious academic press, universally respected in North America and worldwide. It was awarded the 2009 Best in Publishing Award and the 2012 Best in Publishing Award by the US Commerce Association, an independent organism based in Washington, DC.

The Literary Encyclopedia: The Literary Encyclopedia provides biographical information about major literary, cultural, philosophical and historical figures; descriptive profiles of major cultural works, introductory coverage of the relevant historical contexts and guidance to valuable secondary reading.

In statistical terms, The Literary Encyclopedia currently comprises over 10m words in 6360 completed articles of c. 2-2500 words (2154 author biographies, 2335 works, 1854 topics, of which about 900 are short notes on historical events) and increases by 60-70 new articles each month. The Literary Encyclopedia also lists 24,000 primary works (primarily literature, but also philosophy and other publications of major importance) and nearly 10,000 literary, political and cultural events.

The Literary Encyclopedia is a dynamic community of more than 2200 scholars who collaborate in maintaining and developing the publication and whose scholarly investment ensures that this publication represents the latest understanding of the literatures it covers.

The Greenwood Publishing Group: The Greenwood Publishing Group is one of the world’s leading publishers of reference titles, academic and general interest books, texts, books for librarians and other professionals, and electronic resources. With over 18,000 titles in print, GPG publishes some 1,000 books each year, many of which are recognized with annual awards from Choice, Library Journal, the American Library Association, and other scholarly and professional organizations.


“Sharing Sacred Spaces in the Mediterranean: Christians, Muslims, and Jews at Shrines and Sanctuaries. Journal of Ecumenical Studies 49.2 (2014): 344.

“Gender, Nation, and Religion in European Pilgrimage.” Journal of Ecumenical Studies 49.2 (2014): 344.-345.

“The Bloombury Companion to Islamic Studies, ed. by Clinton Bennett (Review).” Journal of Shi’a Islamic Studies 7.4 (2014): 520-528.

“The Second Assassination of Malcolm X: A Critical Review of Manning Marable’s Biography.” The Journal of Pan African Studies 5.1 (March 2012): 207-226.

 “Malcolm X and Mohammad Mehdi: The Shi‘ite Connection?” Journal of Shi‘a Islamic Studies 5.1 (Winter 2012): 5-24.

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“Indígena universal: la cosmovisión autóctona en la poesía de César Vallejo.” Texto crítico (March  2004).

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“La cosmovisión de Delicado.” Nueva Revista del Pacífico 47 (2002): 95-108.

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Abrir paso.” The Canadian Modern Languages Review, 54.2 (Jan. 1998): 291-92.

“Análisis de la crítica social en el cuento ‘Los dioses tosen’ de Emma Romeu.” Tinta y sombra  6 (1996):  13-20.


Journal of Ecumenical Studies: J.E.S was founded by Arlene and Leonard Swidler in 1964 as the first peer-reviewed journal in the field of interreligious dialogue. Born out of the ecumenical spirit of Vatican II, J.E.S. began with an emphasis on dialogue among diverse Christian traditions. Its focus quickly broadened to Christian-Jewish dialogue and soon thereafter to interchange among a wide array of religious traditions. After 45 years, J.E.S. continues as the premier publisher of scholarly articles in the field of dialogue across lines of religious difference. From the 1960’s until today, J.E.S. has helped to create and build an international forum for interreligious scholarship. Together with the outreach work of the Dialogue Institute, it continues to support, stimulate, and broaden the community of scholars and activists engaged in interreligious work throughout the world.

The Journal of Shia Islamic Studies: The Journal of Shia Islamic Studies (JSIS) is a refereed academic journal published by ICAS Press for the Islamic College, London, UK. The journal conscientiously aims to provide a scholarly platform for critical and informed articles in all fields of Shi’a studies, including, but not limited to theology, philosophy, mysticism, law, jurisprudence, politics, history, and Qur’an and Hadith studies. Such articles will cover the most debate-worthy issues in the aforementioned fields in the hope of ultimately contributing to the resolution of various theoretical, methodological, and practical dilemnas encountered in Shi’a Islamic Studies. Furthermore, JSIS endeavors to cover modern and current issues relevant to Shi’ism and its overall study.

The American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences: The American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences (AJISS) is an interdisciplinary journal published by the Association of Muslim Social Scientists and the International Institute of Islamic Thought. AJISS publishes a wide variety of peer reviewed scholarly research on all facets of Islam and the Muslim world: politics, history, economic philosophy, metaphysics, psychology, religious law, and Islamic thought, employing both empirical and theoretical analysis. AJISS aims to provide a forum for high-quality original research and critical dialog and discussion, advancing both application of social sciences to the study of Islam and the Muslim world and an analysis of the social sciences. In addition, AJISS includes research notes, short opinion pieces, insightful reviews of published books of interest to our subscribers, as well as conference reports and research notes and abstracts of doctoral theses.

The Journal of Pan African Studies: The Journal of Pan African Studies is a trans-disciplinary peer reviewed scholarly journal devoted to the intellectual synthesis of research, scholarship and critical thought on the African experience. Since our inception in 1987, we have provided an international forum for diverse scholars to advance a host of perspectives and theoretical paradigms relevant to the social, political, economic and cultural issues that impact the African world community. Thus, the goal of the journal is to build a transnational community of scholars, theorists and practitioners who can ask questions and pose solutions to contemporary and historical issues, based upon an affirmative African centered logic and discourse of liberation.

The International Journal of the Humanities: The International Journal of the Humanities provides a space for dialogue and publication of new knowledge which builds on the past traditions of the humanities whilst setting a renewed agenda for their future. The Humanities is a domain of learning, reflection and action which is a place of dialogue between and across epistemologies, perspectives and content areas. It is in these unsettling places that the humanities might be able to unburden modern knowledge systems of their restrictive narrowness.

Discussions in the International Journal of the Humanities range from the broad and speculative to the microcosmic and empirical. Its over-riding concern, however, is to redefine the human and mount a case for the humanities. At a time when the dominant rationalisms are running a course that often seems to be drawing humanity towards ends that seem often less than satisfactory, this journal reopens the question of the human—for highly pragmatic as well as redemptory reasons.

The journal is relevant for academics across the whole range of humanities disciplines, research students, educators—school, university and further education—anyone with an interest in, and concern for the humanities.

The International Journal of the Humanities is fully peer-reviewed with a rigorous refereeing process to ensure a high standard of quality. The editors and advisory board comprise leading scholars in the humanities field. 

Intercultural Communication Studies: Intercultural Communication Studies (ICS), the journal sponsored by International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies (IAICS), began in 1991 with the goal of publishing research which is related to the study of intercultural communication and which comes from the many areas involved in the field. The interdisciplinary nature of the journal can be seen in some of the fields represented in the first eight years of ICS: . . . art, communication, conflict resolution in Chinese, history, Japanese language, Korean studies,, language and culture education, language and linguistics in Holland, law, linguistics, literature, nonverbal communication, philosophy, religion, sociology, speech communication. In  ICS, theoretical academic articles and articles dealing with educational and other applications constitute the majority of content. Progress reports on current research, discussion papers on specific problems in the field, and book reviews are also included. Articles that look across disciplinary boundaries are encouraged.

SUFI: Sufi is a quarterly journal for those seeking to understand the key messages of Sufism. The journal presents articles that examine closely the spiritual, social, and ethical principles by which Sufis teach harmony and humanitarian values. SUFI also addresses the subtleties of psychological and heart-related issues by presenting mystical poetry and prose that help the student of spirituality seek out, confirm, and perceive unity in all creation. Great scholars like Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Annemarie Schimmel, William Chittick, Sachiko Murata, Ian Netton, and many others, have all published in this journal.

Romance Notes: Romance Notes is a highly selective peer-reviewed journal from the Department of Romance Languages of the University of  North Carolina which publishes articles on all aspects of Romance languages and literatures. According to the Modern Languages Association Bibliography, Romance Notes receives an average of 200 notes per year, publishing an average of 40 of them.

The Canadian Journal of Herbalism: The Canadian Journal of Herbalism is the quarterly of the Ontario Herbalists Association and its  articles are reviewed by professional herbalists.

Nueva Revista del Pacifico: Published in Chile, Nueva Revista del Pacífico is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes articles on Hispanic and general literature and linguistics. It receives between 10-30 submissions per year of which 10 to 15 are published.

LEMIR: LEMIR is an online peer-reviewed journal from Spain which publishes work that promotes the exchange of ideas among scholars in Spanish Medieval and Renaissance literature. It receives 15-25 submissions per year of which 8-15 are published.

Texto Critico: Texto crítico is a highly selective peer-reviewed journal from the Centro de InvestigacionesLingüístico-Literarias from the Universidad Veracruzana in Mexico. It publishes articles on Mexican, Latin American, and Spanish Literature, critical literary analysis, and linguistic research. According to the Modern Languages Association Bibliograpy, Texto crítico receives an average of 150 articles per year, only 30 of which are published.

ALHARACA: Alharaca is an online peer-reviewed journal focusing on news and research on the Arabic and Islamic world. It is operated by the Association of Students and Scholars of the Arab World from the University of Madrid’s Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies.

Canadian Modern Languages Review: Published by the University of Toronto Press, CMLR is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes articles relating to second language teaching and acquisition, linguistics curriculum, program design, and methodology. Book reviews, as this one, are published exclusively by request from the journal.

Tinta y sombra: Tinta y sombra, now known as Apuntes hispánicos, is the peer-reviewed journal of the Graduate Students Association of the Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese of the University of Toronto.


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Revista Ariadna: Revista Ariadna is a highly selective online literary journal from Madrid, Spain.

Revista Arabe: Revista Árabe is an online cultural journal from Buenos Aires, Argentina. This article on the meanings of Arabic names was so well received that it was read by Roberto Ale on his radio program.

The Iranian: The Iranian is one of the leading online newspapers focusing on Iran and the Persian world.

Iran Daily: Iran Daily is a major English language newspaper published in Iran by the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA). Its paper version has national distribution throughout Iran, and its online version is accessed internationally.

Al-Bawaba: Al-Bawaba is considered the leading on-line newspaper in the Arab world featuring round-the-clock news on politics, sports, entertainment, satire, and more. It is published in London, England and Amman, Jordan. The article “Like Sheep without a Shepherd” was subsequently taken from Al-Bawaba and reproduced in many other online newspapers, only some of which are listed here. It is even on the reading list of a university course, “Religion After 9/11” taught by Charles Grodin, Adjunct Instructor of Philosophy at the College of St. Scholastica.

The Message International: The Message International, a premier Muslim magazine based in New York City, New York, is a publication of Islamic circle of North America (ICNA). It is published bi-monthly and available, mainly, through subscription. The Message has maintained uninterrupted publication since it started in July 1989. The Message has developed a pool of writers who are unique in many ways. Some are very distinguished scholars and community leaders; others are relatively younger, but equally promising and resourceful. The Message staff is quite aware of the difference between this magazine and other publications. Our main goal was to create a Time or Newsweek for the Muslim community of North America.

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