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Spring 2014: SPAN 101

Dr. Morrow has been my favorite teacher thus far this semester. He talks with us, not at us, and I truly appreciate that in a professor.

Dr. Morrow is a very good professor and very fun to have. I would recommend him to anyone. He keeps class fun and interesting. Learning was actually fun in his class.

Dr. JAM works very well with us. He understands some of us are stronger than most in this field and addresses those needs very well.

This class was a great experience. Also, Dr. JAM is a good teacher.

The environment and atmosphere was very positive and helpful.

Great Prof. I am just not a foreign languages guy. Appreciate expectations.

I liked how you always have fun and make fun of stuff.

It’s a good insight for use in the real world to help communicate with people that don’t speak English.

I really enjoyed this class. Your humor and ability to relate made it more bearable. Thank you for a great semester. Adios!

Spring 2013: SPAN 101

I think Dr. Morrow is an excellent teacher.

He’s a keeper!

Spring 2012: SPAN 101 / SPAN 102

You have done excellent teaching. I like that you are willing to explain multiple times and you are very professional.

Awesome class. Learned a lot. Even though I had some Spanish experience already, I still learned a lot. Good instructor. He made the class A BLAST to be in.

Great job. I normally hate Spanish but I enjoyed coming to class every day. I hated it in high school, but it was fun this semester.

He is a good professor.

You rock!

Great professor!!

Yes, I want to take all his classes.

I really enjoyed it. I loved to come take this class.

Fall 2011: ENWR 2200 Intro to Creative Writing: Travel Literature

The discussion in the class was interesting and educational. The class was more about culture than writing, but that is what made the class so great. Professor Morrow took cultural ideas from the readings and expanded on their significance, which I would say, was much more educational than many of the global studies lectures.

I really enjoyed Morrow as a teacher. His class was very relaxed and a good learning environment. He encouraged our own creative style of writing which I really appreciate. It was a great class to have on Semester at Sea because it forced me to reflect and write about my experiences that I might otherwise not have done.

I enjoyed it!

The course should emphasize that it has less to do with writing, and is more reading oriented. I wasn’t expecting that. I really liked the teacher.

Very practical class for us. Morrow is a very knowledgeable and approachable guy. Great prof!

I enjoyed the professor’s teaching style. The class was held as a conversation.

I really enjoyed the class. It was unlike all of my usual classes, and I am so glad to have my journal to read in the future!

The class was very interesting and useful in that it made me write a detailed journal for every country we visited. If I had not taken this class, I would not have these travel journals. The explorers we studied were very fascinating and Professor Morrow had much knowledge about each of them.

Dr. Morrow is one of the best teachers I have ever had and realizes the true meaning of learning that many teachers in our system fail to recognize. I am referring to the philosophy that we all have something to learn from each other, regardless of age, gender, or experience. This is an extremely intelligent and worldly man whose talent and passion for teaching are of the highest level.

Fall 2011: RELI 1559 Introduction to Islamic Culture

Would have liked this class to be longer so we could have got more specifics on Islam.

Great class!!!

Professor Morrow was an excellent professor and I feel as though I have learned a great deal about the Islamic culture from him.

I really like the class. Personally I was much uninformed when it came to the topic of the class. The instructor structured the class in a manner that those who had no previous knowledge of Islam were able to grasp an understanding of the religion. The professor allowed for those who may have differing views question what was being said in class.

Excellent Teacher. Strongly recommended.

Decent class. Learned a lot.

Professor Morrow was clearly very knowledgeable about Islam, and he did an amazing job of differentiating between the perceptions and realities of Islamic teachings. I can honestly say that this class has made me feel incredibly enlightened.

Fall 2010: SPAN 101-51C 

I felt very comfortable in what I was learning because of how knowledgeable he is in this language. I highly recommend this professor because of his linguistic ability in Spanish.

My first Spanish class has been quite an experience! Remarkable, indeed. Dr. Morrow is inspiring and cares for his students. Being a part of his class and this learning experience, I now desire to further my knowledge in the foreign language.

Dr. Morrow is a pleasant and capable teacher.

Very helpful in giving feedback and helping with understanding of content.

Course is awesome and I am actually learning Spanish compared to what I learned in high school.

Fall 2010: SPAN 102-01C 

I like that even though Ivy Tech is a community college it is still challenging. Ivy Tech has prepared me to transfer to another institution.

Smart, organized, and fair professor! I enjoyed the class.

Great teacher! Would recommend.

Excellent instructor.

Spring 2010: SPAN 220 

It was enjoyable to watch films in Spanish. I picked up a lot of Spanish listening to a two-hour movie. This class is invaluable to me.

It was cool to be able to hear Spanish for two hours every week. That helped my Spanish.

I enjoyed the class.

Fall 2009: SPAN 101

Dr. Morrow taught effectively.

I thought this was going to be a hard class, but the professor made it very well to learn! He did a great job.

Summer 2009: SPAN 293/405

I enjoyed the class. The professor did a lot with it.

I really do love Dr. Morrow’s classes.

The listening was difficult but I caught on to picking up key words more easily at the end of the four weeks.

This course was very beneficial for advanced conversation.

This class really helped me broaden my vocabulary. That aspect of learning is one of the main things that keep me from speaking more. After this course I can speak better.

I believe that Dr. Morrow is a very good teacher and if I would have had his courses during my lower classes I would probably be much more knowledgeable in Spanish at this point. He is a very good teacher. 

Spring 2009: SPAN 311

The course helped me improve my Spanish writing.

I enjoyed conversing in class. It allows me to use and practice Spanish. Tests are great. They vary!

Very good class. There is a lot of interaction between the professor and the students. You get to learn a lot!!!

I enjoyed the class! It was fun & interesting!

Me gustó mucho la clase de español 311 porque aprendí muchas cosas que antes no sabía o que yo lo conocía diferente. También me gusto la clase porque el vocabulario esta en inglés y en español. Buen trabajo.

I like how this class was taught. It gave us opportunities to really understand the vocab by example and talking about them.

Dr. Morrow is one of the hardest teachers I’ve ever had, but I’ve learned so much and greatly appreciate what he has done to make me succeed. Dr. Morrow’s teaching style is ideal for people who are trying to learn a second language. Kudos to Dr. Morrow.

Spring 2009: SPAN 102 

Great teacher. Great class. Gracias!

Dr. Morrow seems to truly care about helping his students learn the Spanish language. He makes his classes interesting and fun which helps to facilitate learning. I have learned a lot about not only the Spanish language but the culture as well.

I learned a lot and enjoyed the class. Thanks!

Dr. Morrow does a great job of teaching Spanish effectively without putting a lot of stress on his students to create a better learning environment. I think his ways of teaching have helped me to relax and retain more knowledge.

Great teacher.

Dr. Morrow is a brilliant teacher.

I have enjoyed taking Dr. Morrow’s Spanish class for the second semester in a row. I have learned lots.

Spring 2009: FREN 102

Great professor!

Spring 2009: SPAN 332

Very good professor.

Great class. Dr. Morrow knows how to teach it in a great and simple way of understanding the material. Good sense of what he is teaching and answers all the questions we have with good and clear answers so we can understand the material better.

It would help if his tests would spread out maybe one month instead of two for the semester. Other than that it’s a great class.

Material is great.

I enjoyed the class. It might be helpful to help students find poets to write about by giving them a recommended list or by assigning them one. I feel I have benefited from your class. I have improved my ability to think critically.

Dr. Morrow is one of the best professors that I have had. In my opinion he should not change a thing. He is easy to understand during lecture and explains everything that is asked when in doubt. He actually made this literature class a great experience for me and I appreciate that. We need more professors like him.

I really enjoyed this class. The poetry & poems are very interesting. I would probably not change anything in this class. I loved the stories & how they make you think critically.

Dr. Morrow is an excellent professor in literature. He makes the class interesting & fun. I really enjoyed having him and learned a lot about poetry & its true interpretations.

2008: SPAN 492

Eastern’s decision to hire Dr. Morrow was the best.

Really like the fact that he really knew all the history of poetry.

Dr. Morrow is an awesome teacher. He understands his students and he actually cares about what we think, and he helps us whenever we need it.

Me gustó mucho la clase porque aprendí muchas cosas. Me gustaría tomar más clases con Doctor Morrow porque es muy inteligente y hay muchas cosas que aprender de él.

Muy buen maestro. La clase fue muy interesante y entretenida.

2008: SPAN 341

I was satisfied with the course. I may have had some ups and down but the way we could use daily conversation to learn new dialogue was interesting.

Dr. Morrow was the best teacher I had this semester. I never missed one of his classes because he made learning Spanish fun and exciting. I am looking forward to taking more of his classes.

2008: SPAN 101

Dr. Morrow is an intelligent and insightful instructor. It is very apparent that he has a great understanding of language as well as a desire to share it with his students.

I feel Dr. Morrow does an excellent job teaching the class. I feel that he involves the whole classroom in the subjects he is teaching.


2008: SPAN 101 

He is an excellent teacher. He teaches a great deal of information without overloading the students. He explains material in a clear and concise manner which greatly facilitates learning.

This guy is an excellent teacher. He is cool too. Spanish is tricky.

Great class. I think the class has been organized in a way that helps students learn the language at a steady pace.

2008: FRENCH 101

Excellent, engaging, course.

2008: SPAN 331 

Really have enjoyed classes.

Dr. Morrow is an excellent professor. He helps us when we don’t know or understand. And he’s encouraging. He understands us not just as a professor but also as a friend. He’s awesome.

He’s very helpful and really tries to get us to understand. Very funny as well.

Amazing professor, knowledgeable above and beyond.

Disfrute mucho esta clase y al mismo tiempo aprendí muchas cosas en muy poco tiempo. El maestro hace muy interesante el material y tiene gran conocimiento para compartir con los estudiantes.

Esta clase fue muy interesante. El maestro es muy inteligente y aprendí muchas cosas.

2007: SPAN 101 

The course served as an intro to Spanish very well.

Excellent class! I have gained Spanish knowledge.

Knows topic well.

Expected a lot from his students but covered material well. I know more Spanish now than I did after 2 years of it in High School.

This teacher is an extremely valuable asset to NSU. I very much enjoy the little “extra” bits of knowledge this professor shares. The professor has an obvious passion for teaching and respect for his students. This has been a beneficial class for me; we’ve covered a lot of material and I’ve learned much.

There is nothing I can think of that can improve this class much, maybe journal entries (in Spanish of course) would help a little, just for the sake of reviewing.

I liked Dr. Morrow’s enthusiasm for Spanish. He made me more excited to learn Spanish. The dictations helped a lot. His reviews always helped me do better on the test.

I did enjoy a Spanish class for the first time in my life… thanks.

Not a bad course. This instructor did a good job general though was difficult to approach for questions.

 2007: SPAN 201

This professor is the most knowledgeable teacher I’ve ever had. I learned more this semester than the last 5 years combined w/ this course of study. He has very high standards & I had to work very hard. Dr. Morrow has so much knowledge of the world, not just Spanish speaking countries. He is a very good professor and I would take more of his classes.

Dr. Morrow is an excellent professor. He made learning fun and I looked forward to going to his classes and learning from him.

Great teacher who showed very high interest in his students & their learning! He is a great teacher and & can’t wait to finish my major with him as a teacher.

I LOVE Spanish!

2007: SPAN 354

Dr. Morrow is an excellent professor.

The videos were a nice supplement to the reading.

Excellent instructor.

2007: SPAN 102

Began to think in Spanish.

I liked the fact that you went out of your way to explain what many of these topics were in English. You had a very structured class and I learn best that way.

I think overall the class was good. It is nice that you speak English instead of Spanish as your 1st language. That makes it easier to ask and understand your response.

The use of the computer is very helpful, especially when you are learning another language. It helps me to see a picture with words.

2007: SPAN 311

I really enjoyed this course. Best thing was learning from your travel experiences when you would share them.

2007: SPAN 201 

I like the videos we watch at the end of each chapter. I think we need a bit more time to work on presentations than we got.

It was a fun semester.

Would like to see a study group so I could have studied with someone who knew the material. Otherwise, I enjoyed the class.

Please, no more videos!! Other than that, just great! 

2007: SPAN 392

Knowledgeable, able to clearly explain concepts, and able to run an effective but informal class.

2006: SPAN 101 

This class was a great learning experience. The skit was fun. The in class reading was intimidating but it truly does help.

Did a great job explaining material. Excellent instructor.

I found the methods used in this class to be successful in inspiring me to learn more about Spanish language. It is my goal to speak with some fluency and this course got me to think of how to express my thoughts in Spanish in my life. Greater teacher who possesses mastery.

I really enjoyed this class. Dr. Morrow is a great teacher and makes Spanish worth taking.

I liked the skits and movies. All in all I though this class was very good but I still don’t know much Spanish.

Quiz and then test system was good. Skit was fun. Overall a good class to start Spanish.

I enjoyed the class overall. I think talking in Spanish everyday helped me learn.

I am really glad I took this class this term. I really enjoyed the teacher and the fast pace of learning. Mr. Morrow was an excellent teacher.

2006: SPAN 492

Dr. Morrow does an excellent job of relating course info to real-life situations. He is very knowledgeable about material & explains it in a way we can all understand.

As always, class was very enjoyable in a relaxing atmosphere. I very much enjoy the informal class discussions. It’s easier to retain information when you don’t have to worry about taking notes and cramming for tests. Look forward to Span Lit 2.

I liked it best when Dr. Morrow would talk about his experiences in different countries. I found that to be the most interesting.

2006: SPAN 292 

Thought this was a good course. I gained more knowledge this semester. It was nice having a small class. Thanks.

2006: SPAN 102

At times in life, I found myself wondering how to express what I think in Spanish. It is always amusing to me when I realize this and this is because of this course and this teacher. 

2006: SPAN 102

Flexible, fair, and generally laid back.

The video we watched was good.

I liked that he said things in Spanish & then said them in English; it made it easier to remember & comprehend.

He is very knowledgeable on Spanish culture, the language, and also other cultures & languages. It was very interesting learning about different cultures. He knew about every word in the dictionary… Very intelligent.

The video was great. I liked the stuff we do on the overhead. The mini-series was very fun & not too dry & structured.

2006: SPAN 202

I have learned an incredible amount of Spanish in this course; my skills have skyrocketed!

I found that repetition in class helped learn how to conjugate verb tenses. Reviewing of the quizzes and tests in class was very helpful so we knew what to expect. I liked the dictations and the quizzes.

All the stories of different cultures he’s experienced were very interesting.

2006: SPAN 312

High level of conversation, patient.

Class considerably improved comprehension and speaking skills.

2005: SPAN 202

Fluent and able to comment knowledgeable on Spanish culture.

I thought having the notes on the board were helpful.

It was helpful to go around the class and be asked individually how to conjugate and make sentences. I also really enjoyed and found helpful the video clips and when the exchange students came in.

His usual enthusiasm was helpful to appreciate the material.

I thought the course was taught well.

2005: SPAN 354

Fluent, has a strong command of Spanish literature, and uses effective reading selections.

2004: SPAN 353

I enjoyed the class, but I feel very behind. I think most of us in the class felt we were not prepared. We should have been at a higher level, but I don’t think we were ready for it. Videos were very helpful to understand the material. We were able to read it and see it.

I really enjoyed having Dr. Morro as a professor. He really knows his stuff and it’s great to finally have a Spanish professor here who does.

Good. He actually spoke Spanish. Previous teacher never spoke totally in Spanish.

I think Dr. Morrow is a good professor, he makes things easy to understand, would spend time explaining concepts that are unclear or difficult to understand.

This semester of Spanish was very challenging b/c I hadn’t really learned a lot in my 2 previous years here @ Northern b/c of the professor. Much improved! Thanks!

I really like the way the professor would show the movie (in English) after reading the story. It was helpful b/c if I didn’t pick some detail up while reading, I could catch it during the movie. It was also helpful when the professor would explain things in English after reading the Spanish.

I didn’t read the materials much of the time because I would have to look up most of the words. I did, however, learn a lot about Medieval Spanish lit & I thoroughly enjoyed this class!

You actually care about our class, as opposed to the last 6 years. I can tell I learned—much more than in the past. I actually am “turned on” to Spanish again. Gracias! You spoke to us in Spanish—yea! You were actually excited & enthused about the language—not so dry as Linares.

I like that you always kept the class entertaining… there was never a “dull moment”… It made me actually want to come to class. I also liked that you knew all of the material we covered (some professors don’t) and I liked that you knew information on related topics. I also liked that you spoke in all Spanish but if we didn’t understand you repeated yourself in English.

I feel the statements on the survey page are fairly accurate. Instruction was good and there was a lot of learning throughout the course.

I found that seeing the professor enjoying what he was teaching made me enjoy the class much more. His enthusiasm made 8:00 am easier to desire to come to.

Dr. Morrow has a good command of the material. He is enthusiastic and engaging.

2002: SPAN 201

The instructor has been very good about maintaining the right amount of challenge in the class.

He is very pleasant, and he is enthusiastic about Spanish (language, culture, literature, etc.)

Really, the improvements need to come from us students. Studying a foreign language requires consistent daily effort.

He always brought the class in the discussion. All of us have a pretty good time. He helps us review the material, which is also very nice.

I thought this class broadened my understanding of the Spanish language but at a much faster pace than I was used to.

I enjoyed the high level of energy portrayed each class period. The notes on the computer were helpful in clarifying the book.

I find it very helpful that we are able to learn by reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

This course is very effective. There is nothing that I would change.

2003: SPAN 311

Dr. Morrow was creative and insightful in using activities that encouraged student participation and learning.

He has a great personality that we, as students, can relate to. He is also very knowledgeable about the subjects/topics we discussed in class.

I liked the fact that he spoke in Spanish. Other Spanish teachers that I have had at Northern don’t do this.

Discussions when you get everyone (most) to participate is good & helpful because you hear words used that you wouldn’t normally. Writing things out and getting feedback is helpful. Group projects are enjoyable and educational.

Good in-class discussion. Dividing into groups & working together on projects was helpful.

I liked small group work over big group work. Also liked the readings and translations.

Overall good. Surprisingly upbeat for nine in the morning.

I have really enjoyed this class. Am not sure exactly what I’ve learned but the exposure to Spanish is the biggest part & most helpful.

Dr. Morrow is easy to get along with in the classroom. We did a great deal of talking in class. Good work.

I thought that the class was good in the fact that it focused on conversation so we talked about a wide variety of topics. The only problem was it was hard to get off to a good start & just start talking since a lot of us had an easier professor before where we didn’t learn anything.

I liked the skit idea but that should have been our final.

This class was taught very well. It possessed perfect pace & difficulty.

I feel like I learned much more from discussing things rather than being weighed down by homework. The methods in this class were much more effective than I have experienced.

I felt that the grading could have been made more clear. I did learn more this year than I have in my previous 2 years here @ Northern!

I really liked the small group work done @ the end of the class. I was more comfortable & more willing to talk to my friends in Spanish.

It was a relaxing speech class. He came down to our level and was nice. He always asked us what subject we wanted to talk about.

I thought the course was great, but I like working in small groups.

2004: SPAN 101 

I learned more in this class than I thought I would and made me think about getting a minor in Spanish.

He was easy going and always in a good mood and very helpful when students start to struggle.

Very approachable and extremely willing to help students. He provides a challenging and fun class.

Professor Morrow focuses largely on grammar; I like that!

I loved how we reviewed before the test. I felt this helped me immensely.

He really knew what he was talking about. The class activities were awesome & very useful.

I liked the way he taught the class. I didn’t stick with Spanish other years because of the teacher. Now I plan on taking Spanish the remainder of my time here @ Northern. The learn a chapter & take a quiz then a test worked really well for me.

2003: SPAN 311 

He knows what he is talking about and has his own personal experiences.

Professor is very flexible.

The professor used movies, music, the book, several other books, and internet websites to teach the course.

I learned more in this class than I have in most, even if the information wasn’t necessarily related to literature.

This is a good course but the pace is somewhat fast.

Instructor is very knowledgeable but teaches fast & expects students to know a lot more than we do. He is much better than Linares. Thank you for bringing in a prof who enjoys teaching & wants to teach.

I liked the fact that the class was 3 days a week. Also that the professor took time for the students and treated them with respect. When a question is asked he is able to answer it. The stories that were selected were interesting and the course keeps you interested!

When going through the interpretation of the story when you just read it is really too fast, but I got more out of it when the story was discussed by everyone in the class and you figured it out on your own. Another thing that was enjoyable was when the professor would read the stories to you; you get a better understanding when you hear the language and enjoy the reading instead of looking up words all the time.

I enjoyed the class.

2003: SPAN 101

Goes through everything we need to know.

The different tools he used to teach the course, for example, making us do skits and watching videos.

He tried to help us until we got everything correct.

He presented the material very well. He used different ways of presenting material.

2003: SPAN 101

He is a good teacher. This is the first year I actually understood Spanish! And was very witty!

I really liked the skits that we did and the oral interviews helped a lot too.

Suggested the students spoke out loud as we went through the lessons in order to critique the use of the language.

The instructor set the bar of success at a high level from the very start of the semester while always encouraging the class to keep going. During each and every class session the instructor expected the best. This, in my opinion, resulted in each student’s drive to do well.

2003: SPAN 101

I really like the grading scale.

Made sure everybody knew what exactly was on quizzes and tests.

I think he did an excellent job in going over the material to make sure we knew what was going on.

He doesn’t make one assignment be the basis for your grade in the class. There is a lot that goes into making up your final grade.

He’s given us a wide breadth of facts to work with.

Making sure he involved everyone in his teaching strategies.

I think he has done a pretty good job. He is nice and respectful.

Dr. Morrow really knows his stuff.

Had great discussions.

Good job

2003: SPAN 102 

He’s done a good job by explaining the use of the language.

Great teaching strategy. He teaches in English, reviews in Spanish, so learning is possible. Very good teacher.

I liked that he would always translate this questions for us. Easy going.

Great class interaction & is an awesome teacher.

Great teacher. Does very well at teaching a subject that is so difficult to teach.

The instructor was very nice and very respectful of the students as long as we tried and were honest. 

2003: SPAN 102

It is very helpful when he says things in Spanish; then translates them to English. It makes it easier to relate words together. Conversations about the culture & languages were very interesting. I learned more from that than regular lecture.

The class was enjoyable & you tried to create a very easy going atmosphere to learn in. Sometimes it was a little bit intimidating speaking in front of the class.

The instructor is extremely knowledgeable about the Spanish language and culture and it was interesting and enjoyable to hear of his experiences and knowledge of the culture.

I liked the dictations and quizzes.

Professor clearly loves his job & has a genuine interest in teaching beyond just Spanish. Constantly interesting & valuable extra information to students.

I liked that you were positive about the subject and you didn’t make people feel dumb.

Your knowledge (wide-ranged) about what we are learning makes it more fun to learn about it all. 

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