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(February 12, 2018)


Post-Graduate Studies

2010: Intensive Arabic Studies at Qalam wa Lawh in Rabat, Morocco

2008: Intensive Arabic Studies at Qalam wa Lawh in Rabat, Morocco

2003: Intensive Arabic Studies at the University of Utah’s Middle East Center

2002: Intensive Arabic Studies at the Arabic Language Institute in Fez (ALIF), Morocco

Graduate Studies

1995-2000: Ph.D., Spanish American Literature, University of Toronto

Doctoral Thesis: The Indigenous Presence in Rubén Darío and Ernesto Cardenal

Director: Dr. Keith Ellis

1994-95: M.A., Spanish American Literature, University of Toronto

M.A. Thesis: Indígena universal: la cosmovisión autóctona en la poesía de César Vallejo

[Universal Indian: The Amerindian Worldview in the Poetry of César Vallejo]

Director: Dr. Keith Ellis

Undergraduate Studies

1990-94: Honours B.A., Spanish / French Language and Literature, University of Toronto

Spanish Immersion Programs

1989-90: Spanish immersion throughout South America

1989: Spanish immersion program in Barcelona, Spain

‘Ulum al-Din

1987-present: introductory, intermediate, and advanced Islamic Studies

Nahw (Syntax), Sarf (Grammatical Inflections), Mantiq (Logic), Balagha (Rhetoric), ‘Aqa’id (Beliefs), Adab (Literature), Usul al-Fiqh (Principles of Jurisprudence), Fiqh (Jurisprudence), Tafsir (Qur’an Commentary or Exegesis), Diraya (Critical Study of the Hadith), Rijal (Biography of Transmitters of Hadith), Kalam (Theology), Falsafa (Philosophy), Hikmah (Theosophy), ‘Irfan (Gnosis), Ta’rikh (History), Akhlaq (Ethics), etc.


Native speaker of English, French, and French Michif: Native level proficiency in Spanish

Advanced Knowledge of Modern Standard Arabic / Classical Arabic

Intermediate Knowledge of Moroccan Arabic / Darijah

Reading comprehension of Latin & Romance languages

Reading knowledge of Náhualt and other indigenous languages


Highly proficient: including e-learning, web design, Blackboard and recording studio software.


Islamic Studies / Hispanic Studies / Native Studies


The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad

Twelver Shi‘ism

Sufism (tasawwuf / ‘irfan)

The history of Shi’ism in North Africa and al-Andalus

Hermeneutics: Tafsir of Qur’an and Hadith

Hadith Studies

Malcolm X

W.D. Fard

Islamic jurisprudence

Arabic sociolinguistics: the Allah Lexicon

The impact of globalization on the Arabic language

Aljamiado literature

Iran in Latin America and Latin America in Iran

The Islamic Revolution of Iran

Islamic herbal medicine:  tibb nabawi and tibb al-a’immah

The Amerindian influence on Spanish American literature

The Arabic and Islamic influence on Spanish literature

Political Sciences…


2017: Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition by the US House of Representatives

2016: ISNA Interfaith Leadership Award

2012-2013: Master Teacher Certification (Ivy Tech)

2012-2013:  Distinguished Faculty Member (Ivy Tech)

2008: Most Improved Student Club (Eastern New Mexico University)

2005: Student-Athletic Impact Award (Northern State University)

2005: Performance Award: Technology Center Planning Teamwork Nominee (Northern State University)

2005: Performance Award: Teamwork Nominee (Northern State University)

2000: University of Toronto Top-Up Fellowship

1995-99: University of Toronto Open Doctoral Fellowship

1994-95: University of Toronto Open Master’s Fellowship

1994: Margaret Scarth Scholarship in Spanish

1989: 3rd Place, U. of Waterloo French Poetry Competition for High School Students



Certified by the Department of Child Services to Offer Continuing Education Credits to Mental Health Professionals

Certified RAPT Instructor by the Department of Child Services of the State of Indiana

Certified Red Cross Instructor

2014-2016: Ivy Tech

Full Professor of Foreign Languages

Fall 2011: Semester at Sea, Institute for Shipboard Education, University of Virginia

Professor of Advanced Spanish, English (World Literature: Ibn Battuta), and Cultural Studies in Islam

2010-2014: Ivy Tech

Associate Professor of Foreign Languages

2009-2010: MSU

Coordinator, Department of Foreign Languages

Associate Professor of Foreign Languages

2008-2009: ENMU

Associate Professor of Languages and Literature

2004-2008: NSU

Assistant Professor of Modern Languages

2001-2004: Park U

Assistant Professor of Modern Languages

1996-1998: U of Toronto

Adjunct Spanish Instructor / Teaching Assistant

1995: Ryerson Polytechnic U

Teaching Assistant


2010: Harvard U

2009: U of Toronto

2008: Libraries and Archives throughout Spain

2008: U of Chicago & Purdue U

2003: U of Utah


2009-2010: MSU

2008-2009: ENMU

2004-2008: NSU


2006: Education Assistance Corporation: Spanish Instructor

2004-2008: Upper Plains Contracting, Inc.: translator/interpreter

2001-2002: Able Translations Ltd., Translator/interpreter

1995-1997: TK Communications + D&D, Translator & Interpreter

1995-1996: Spanish and Portuguese Graduate Students’ Association of U. of T: President

1995-1996: Peter Bell Library, Curator

1995: Abraxis International Inc, Adm. Assistant to the Vice President

1995: SmithKline Beecham Pharma, Bilingual Customer Service Rep.


2013-2014: Diversity Committee / Academic Affairs and Student Affairs Committee / Advisor to Spanish Club

2012-2013: FLTA Committee / FLTA Supervisor / Supervisor for Adjuncts / Faculty Recognition Committee

2011-2012: FLTA Committee

2010-2011: FLTA Committee / Supervisor for Adjuncts / Textbook Selection Committee

2009-2010: Head of the Department of Foreign Languages / P&P Committee

2001-2010: Academic Advisor / Director of Spanish Club

2009: Director: Spanish Immersion Program

2009: Elected to the Faculty Senate

2009: Languages and Literature Senator for the Faculty Senate

2009: FEC Committee / Distance Education Focus Group

2008-2009: Co-Head of the Spanish Program, Hispanic Retention and Recruitment Committee

2007: Faculty Travel Committee

2006: Conceived and Created proposal for A.A. in Cross-Cultural Communication

2005: ESL Committee

2004-2005: Head of Spanish Program, E-Learning French Search Committee, German Search Committee, Scholarship Committee

2003-2004: Global Education

2002-2003: Global Education / Faculty Development / Secretary, Division of Humanities

2002: Offered Chair of Modern Languages at Park University

2001-2002: Faculty Evaluation Committee


Principal Investigator for Research Project on the Covenants of the Prophet Conducted by Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Qatar (since 2018)

Board Member of the Hub Foundation (since 2018)

Trustee of the Interfaith Institute of ICLI (Islamic Center of Long Island) (since 2018)

Director of the Covenants Initiative / Covenants of the Prophet Foundation (since 2013)

Member of the Advisory Board of al-Dalil Foundation’s academic journal

Member of the Advisory Board of the Journal of Shi‘a Islamic Studies since 2011

Member of the Editorial Board Analecta Literaria: Revista de Letras, Ideas, Arte y Sociedad from 2008 to 2011

Director of IANEIT: Instituto Argentino-Norteamericano de Estudios Iranologicos y Turcologicos from 2008 to 2001

Researcher for CEAMAS: Centro de Estudios Africanos Magrebies y Subsaharianos from 2008 to 2011

Member of the Review Board for Filum Ariadnae from 2008 to 2011

Peer-Reviewer for the Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos since 2009

M.Ed. thesis committee member at Northern State University from 2007-2008

Manuscript reviewer for the Edwin Mellen Press since 2008

Reviewer for the Humanities Journal since 2006

Organizer of the 16th Annual Levy-Wasteneys Symposium which took place on March 2, 1996, in Toronto, Canada

Member of the Editorial Committee for Tinta y sombra from 1994-1995, 1995-1996, and 1996-1997

Served as a judge for the District 8 Oral Interpretation Tournament on November 8th, 2006.

Served on the evaluative review panel for Theresa Skinner’s presentation on “Jihad” at Oak ParkHigh School in Kansas City in 2004.


2001-present: Translating, Interpreting, Editing

2011: Assessment of Spanish and French Adjuncts

2009: Coordinated and Participated in the Festival Románico

2006-present: Coordinating Spanish Language Courses for Adjuncts

2005-2008: Arabic, French, Spanish Interpreter for the Fifth Circuit Court, SD

2006: Pro-Bono Promotional Speaker: Raised $25,000.00 for social service initiatives

2006: Teaching Spanish for Student Loan Corporation

2006: Completed the Faculty Survey of Student Engagement for the University of Indiana

2005: Developed 9 Extended Studies courses

2005: Translated The Inmate’s Handbook into Spanish for the Brown County Sheriff’s Dept.           

2005: Interpreted for Mexican construction workers at UPCI Conference

2003-present: Correspondent for various newspapers

2002-2003:  Evaluative Review Panel, Oak Park High School

2001-2002: Interpreted for Attorney General of the State of Missouri & Heritage Funeral Home

2001: Sound Engineer for “Park Jam”


2013-present: Director of The Covenants Foundation

1990-2000: Director of the Islamic Institute of the Americas


Institute for Shipboard Education

SPAN 3010: Conversational Spanish III

RELI 1559: Introduction to Islamic Culture

ENWR 2200: Exploring the Other: The Theory and Practice of Travel Literature/Writing (The Travels of Ibn Battuta)

Ivy Tech

SPAN 101: Elementary Spanish I

SPAN 102: Elementary Spanish II

SPAN 201: Intermediate Spanish I

FREN 101: Elementary French

FREN 102: Intermediate French II


SPAN 101: Introductory Spanish I

SPAN 201: Intermediate Spanish I

SPAN 340: Spanish Conversation and Composition

SPAN 202: Intermediate Spanish II

SPAN 220: Hispanic Cinema

SPAN 342: Introduction to Hispanic Literature

SPAN 344: Latin American Culture                                                                      


FREN 101: Beginning French I

FREN 102: Beginning French II

SPAN 101: Beginning Spanish I

SPAN 102: Beginning Spanish II

SPAN 311: Spanish Conversation and Composition

SPAN 331: Survey of Latin American Literature I

SPAN 332: Survey of Latin American Literature II

SPAN 492 / 591: Spanish Seminar: Latin American Literature / Rubén Darío (M.A. level)


Spanish 1: E-Learning

SPAN 101: Introductory Spanish I

SPAN 102: Introductory Spanish II

SPAN 201: Intermediate Spanish I

SPAN 202: Intermediate Spanish II

SPAN 311: Integrated Writing, Conversation, and Grammar I

SPAN 312: Integrated Writing, Conversation, and Grammar II

SPAN 350: Spanish for Business Communication

SPAN 353: Introduction to Spanish Literature I

SPAN 354: Introduction to Spanish Literature II

SPAN 433: Spanish Culture and Civilization

School of Extended Studies: NSU

SPAN 311: Integrated Writing, Conversation and Grammar I

SPAN 312: Integrated Writing, Conversation and Grammar II

SPAN 350: Spanish for Business Communication

SPAN 353: Introduction to Spanish Literature I

SPAN 354: Introduction to Spanish Literature II

SPAN 355: Introduction to Latin American Literature I

SPAN 356: Introduction to Latin American Literature II

SPAN 433: Spanish Civilization and Culture

MFL 420: K-12 Foreign Language Methods

Park U

SP 101: Elementary Spanish I

SP 102: Elementary Spanish II

SP 202: Intermediate Spanish II

SP 312: Culture and Civilization of Spanish America

SP 301: Advanced Spanish Conversation: Cinema

SP 302: Advanced Composition, Conversation and Grammar

SP 311: Culture and Civilization of Spain

SP 394: Introduction to the Literature of Spain

U of T

SP 100 Y: Introduction to Spanish

Ryerson U

ENT 526: Global Entrepreneurship


2010-2011: Professor for the University of Virginia’s Semester at Sea Program, guiding students in Canada, Morocco, Ghana, South Africa, Mauritius, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Panama, and Cuba.

2010-2011: Led the following Faculty Directed Practicum for the Semester at Sea Program: Visit to Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco / Full-Day Trip to Rabat, Morocco / Visit to Jummah Mosque in Mauritius / Temples and Mosques in Penang, Malaysia / Essence of Costa Rica

2010-2011: Spearheaded the application to bring Foreign Language Teaching Assistants to Ivy Tech

2009-2010: Spearheaded the application to bring Foreign Language Teaching Assistants to MSU

2008-2009: Acted as Director of Spanish Study-Abroad Program for ENMU. Directed the Spanish immersion program in the summer of 2011, taking students to Albuquerque and Taos.

2004-2008: Organized study-abroad and immersion programs in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Spain, and Chile for Spanish students at Northern State University


MLA Convention. Boston, MA. January 2013.

Forum on Global Engagement: Diplomacy and Dialogue: A Focus on Sino-US Relations. Aboard the MV Explorer: Boston to Montreal. August 21-25, 2011.

Spanish AP Reading. Cincinnati. June 2011.

Interfaith Colloquium. Ivy Tech. Fort Wayne, IN. March 22, 2011.

The Fourteenth Annual Fort Wayne Teaching Conference. Indiana University / Purdue University. Fort Wayne, IN. Friday, February 25, 2011

The XXIX International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. October 6-9, 2010.

50th Anniversary Conference of the Linguistic Circle of Manitoba & North Dakota, 1959-2009.Grand Forks, ND. Oct. 16-17, 2009.

Conference of the South Dakota World Languages Association. Sioux Falls, SD. Oct. 20-21st, 2006.

Globalization, Communication, and Cultural Identity. The 12th International Conference. International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies. Trinity University and University of Rhode Island. Doubletree Hotel. San Antonio, Texas. August 2-4th, 2006.

Building a Learning-Centered Institution. Feb. 17-18, 2006. The Collaboration for the Advancement of College Teaching & Learning., 2006. Sheraton Bloomington Hotel: Bloomington, Minnesota.

Diversity Here and Now: Holistic and Sustainable Approaches to Multicultural Learning. The Collaboration for the Advancement of College Teaching & Learning. Nov. 18-19, 2005. Sheraton Bloomington Hotel: Bloomington, Minnesota.

The South Dakota World Languages Association 2005 Conference. Oct. 14-15th, 2005. Best Western Ramkota Hotel. Rapid City, SD.

The Image of the Road in Literature, Media and Society. 2005 Conference of the Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Social Imagery. March 10-12, 2005. Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Learning through Discovery: The Power of Inquiry in the Construction of Knowledge. The Collaboration for the Advancement of College Teaching & Learning. Nov. 19-20, 2004. Sheraton Bloomington Hotel: Bloomington, Minnesota.

18th Annual Levy-Wasteneys Symposium. 1998. University of Toronto: Toronto, ON.

1997 Modern Languages Association Conference. December 1997. Toronto, ON.

17th Annual Levy-Wasteneys Symposium. 1997. University of Toronto: Toronto, ON.

16th Annual Levy-Wasteneys Symposium. March 2nd, 1996. University of Toronto: Toronto, ON.


Received over $30,000.00 in research fund between 2001-2010.


MiddleburyCollege Scholarship / Arabic Studies: $10,000

Center for Arabic Studies Abroad /Arabic Studies: $10,000

MSU Research Grant / Aljamiado Research: $2,000 ☺

MSU Advanced Study Grant / Arabic Studies: $4,000☺

MSU Travel Grant / Hispanic Heritage: $750☺


ENMU Internal Grant Application / Aljamiado Traditions: $3,000☺

ENMU Internal Grant Application / ENMU Editorial Experience: $3,000


ENMU Internal Grant Application / ENMU Editorial Experience: $3,000

Ernesto Cardenal Conference / Amerindian Elements: $2,000☺


Program for Cultural Cooperation & Aljamiado Traditions from Spain : $6,000☺

Franklin Research Grant / Dictionary of Arabic Expressions : $6,000


SOIS Travel to Learn Grant / IAICS Conference 2006: $1,000 ☺

Modern Languages Travel Fund / IAICS Conference 2006: $70.00 ☺


Modern Languages Travel Fund / The Humanities Conference 2006: $230.00☺

Office of Instructional Services / The Collaboration Conference 2006: $800.00☺

CAS Travel Fund / The Image of the Road Conference 2005: $800.00☺

Peer Evaluation of Teaching Fund  / Evaluation of Teaching Strategies : $300.00

Nora Staael Summer Research Stipend  / The Allah Lexicon: Sociolinguistic Study: $4000.00

NSU Summer Research Stipend / The Allah Lexicon: Sociolinguistic Study : $5000.00☺

Office of Instructional Services / The Collaboration Conference 2005: $800.00☺

American Philosophical Society & The Allah Lexicon: Sociolinguistic Study : $4000.00

Franklin Research Grant / NEH:  The Allah Lexicon: Sociolinguistic Study:  $20,000.00

NSU Faculty Development Travel Funds / The Image of the Road Conference: $400.00

Program for Cultural Cooperation &  Spanish Ministery of Ed. / Juan Goytisolo Interview: $2000.00


Park University: $2000.00☺

Faculty Development Endowed Fund Program for Cultural Cooperation & Moroccan Morisco Project:  $800.00


ParkUniversity Faculty Travel Fund Arabic Studies in Morocco: $2000.00☺

Program for Cultural Cooperation & Moroccan Morisco Project: $800.00

Membership in Associations in the Academic Field:

La Sociedad Asiática / The Asian Society

Asociación Canadiense de Hispanistas

AATSP: The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese

MESA: The Middle East Studies Association


20 years experience working for state attorneys, lawyers, foreign politicians, medical doctors, and assurance adjustors.


Extensive travels throughout the entire world: North America, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, North Africa, West Africa, South Africa, the Indian Ocean, the Indian Subcontinent, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands.


Creative, honest, ethical, humorous, flexible, outgoing, responsible and accountable. Enjoys spending quality family time, working out, various sports, fishing, and traveling…

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