Does Islam Have To Carry The Weight of ISIS’s Guilt?

Does Islam Have To Carry The Weight of ISIS’s Guilt?

By Vandita

April 21, 2015

The entire world’s 1.6 billion Muslims have been forced to carry the weight of ISIS’ guilt. An entire faith is being held responsible for the atrocities committed by a terrorist group that comprises less than 1 percent of the religious population. The world seems threatened by Islam, which is [allegedly] ‘inherently opposed to the Western core values of democracy, freedom of expression, and secularism’. But is the phobia valid?

Dr. John Andrew Morrow, a Canadian scholar and director of the Covenants Foundation, explained how such a premise is not only false but profoundly biased and xenophobic. True Islam is not a threat to humanity; on the contrary, it represents its very salvation. Islam is not opposed to democracy, secularism, and freedom of speech in the true sense of these terms. Islam has historically supported both direct and indirect modes of political participation,” Morrow told MintPress.

“If Islam is portrayed as a mortal enemy to Western civilization and values it is because it poses a formidable obstacle to imperialistic hegemonic interests. Democracy, freedom of expression, and secularism are merely masks worn by the one-percenters (1%), the global elite that seeks to enslave all of humanity as it simultaneously destroys the planet in its greed for resources, wealth, and absolute power. Having succeeded in destroying, subjugating, and co-opting all remnants of resistance, only Islam stands in their path. This explains why the globalists are engaged in a concerted campaign to use false ‘Islam’ to destroy true Islam,” he added.

But then why has terrorism become synonymous with Islam? Is Islam at war with the world or the world is at war with Islam?

Thousands of Muslims have perished at the hands of ISIS militants in both Iraq and Syria, while tens of thousands have been forced to flee their homes and communities to escape the violence of this black flag army.

“Muslims more than any other community have a stake in this war against terror, as terror is directed at them. Do we blame cancer on healthy cells? No, of course not, because that would be illogical. By labelling an entire segment of the world population are we not following the same irrational logic as those radicals? Islam is not the problem, radicals are. Islam teachings are not the problem, radicals’ interpretation of religious texts is,” Prince Abdul Ali Seraj of Afghanistan told MintPress.

When President George Bush declared war on Islamic radicalism in 2001, the Western world painted Islam as antithetical to democracy and secularism. Post 9/11, Muslims as a religious group and Islam as a faith were branded anti-Western; this belief was reinforced post the Charlie Hebdo shooting. 9/11 came as an attack on democracy, the attack on Charlie Hebdo editors was understood as a declaration of war on the freedom of expression.

The KKK and Hitler used Christianity while ISIS uses Islam. Though the KKK rose to dizzying heights with millions of members, much more than ISIS and al-Qaida combined, Americans were never forced to take ownership or even responsibility for the actions of a minority within their faith.

Why doesn’t anyone realise that the elite in America and the broader Western world may have created a Muslim boogeyman to reduce the world to their own predetermined sets of values?

Today, the Western world is filled with half truths, blurred facts and a wrong interpretation of Islam One which is barely politically correct, yet still objectively false.