By Dr. John Andrew Morrow

Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, has a vision for his country and it is one that is inspired by the Constitution of Medina and the Covenant of the Prophet Muhammad with the Monks of Mount Sinai. In the speech he delivered at the World Government Summit in Dubai, which was held on February 10th, 2019, he shared his vision for the future in the following terms:

My motivation for the Pakistan I want to see was based—and I am a student of history, Islamic history especially—was on the Prophet, peace be upon him, the State of Medina which he created. Now, why do I say “the State of Medina”? Because the State of Medina laid the foundation for one of the greatest civilizations in the history of mankind. The principles, the foundation of the State of Medina was, for the next 700 years, the foundation of the greatest civilization on earth. And what were those principles? The State of Medina was founded on incredible principles of justice and humanity. It was the first time a welfare state was made, a state that took responsibility for the weak….That was the State of Medina where, for the first time, a state took responsibility for its poor, its weak, it’s orphans, its widows. In the State of Medina for the first time pensions were created….it was a humane state. And secondly there was justice, rule of law. These were the two main things, and the third thing, the Prophet of Islam, peace be upon him, made seeking knowledge a sacred duty. The word was that even if you have to go to China to seek knowledge, you must; in those days going to China meant not coming back. So the emphasis [was] on seeking knowledge. for the next 700 years all top scientists were Muslims. And that was the State of Medina. It laid that foundation. And then the way minorities, other religious people were treated. The Prophet signed the famous [constitution] of Medina. There’s still a letter in St. Catherine’s Church [Monastery] that was signed with the Christians, that your places of worship will be, till the end of time they will be protected by Muslims. Secondly, that no forcible conversions will be in Islam. Thirdly, the Prophet’s last sermon, it is a charter of human rights. It’s about how human beings are equal. So it was a human state created, rule of law, emphasis on education, that led to the growth of Muslim civilization. So….in Pakistan we want the same basis for our state, the rise of—what I believe, the way our country will rise—it will go back to those principles.