Dear Signatories and Observers:

Greetings of peace.

If we haven’t contacted you for some time, this may be due to the fact that the Covenants Initiative has completed its first period of expansion (though Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, continues to reference the Covenants in his speeches), and is now in a period of centering and consolidation. This does not mean, however, that we have stopped challenging those who are scandalized by the radiant example of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him—as was recently demonstrated by the fact that certain ISIS supporters hacked our website, though the damage was quickly repaired.

The centerpiece of this consolidation so far is the Covenants of the Prophet Training Course, now available at This Course summarizes what we have discovered about the Prophetic Covenants and tells the story of how they were returned to human historical memory and what the effects of that restoration have been.

The Training Course also incorporates a fairly detailed PLAN for how the Covenants can be used to rebuild Muhammad’s interfaith alliance. In other words, the Course can give to anyone who is able and willing to complete it the ability to spread the message of the Prophetic Covenants much as we have done at the Covenants Initiative. We are here to consult and support, but we refuse to direct: once you have assimilated the Covenants of the Prophet Training Course it is yours use, in your own context and for your own purposes.

And so, if Allah has indeed stopped the world, perhaps you might profitably use this period of retreat, this inescapable khalwa, to complete the Covenants of the Prophet Training Course, take the Test attached to it, and thereby become an Active Course Graduate whose name is posted on The Covenants of the Prophet Foundation website. When action has become impossible, that’s the best time to listen for Allah’s command, and to discern the shape of the next action He might require of us. In the words of Hadhrat ‘Ali, “He triumphs who has learned to wait.”

If you find the Training Course valuable, please RECOMMEND it to any groups or individuals you think might be receptive.


Charles Upton, Executive Director

The Covenants of the Prophet Foundation