The Messenger of Mercy: The Covenants of Coexistence from the Prophet of Pluralism by Dr. John Andrew Morrow was released by Sanbun Publishers in July of 2021. It is available for sale on Flipkart.

The Messenger of Mercy provides an accessible overview of the ideals of Islam and the life of the Prophet Muhammad with a particular focus on the letters, treaties, and covenants that he concluded with Jewish, Christian, Samaritan, and Zoroastrian communities. It deals not only with issues of faith but with matters of morals, ethics, and social justice. It also showcases concrete examples of Muslims putting such principles into practice. The work is a veritable antidote to extremism and a remedy for radicalization. 


“Reading this book, you will find it hard to defend the idea that Christians and Muslims are enemies and that Western values and Islamic values are fundamentally incompatible. Morrow provides compelling evidence that our values are interconnected and mutually inclusive. It is my genuine hope that The Messenger of Mercy will provide the means to build bridges of understanding and love across the perceived religious, cultural, and national divides around the world. This book is a critically important and effective learning tool for humanity at large.” Dr. Craig Considine, Department of Sociology, Rice University

“A powerful contribution to our Islamic commitment to peace building.” Dr. Sayyid M. Syeed, Former National Director of ISNA’s Office of Interfaith and Community Alliances in Washington, DC

“The Quran asserts that the Prophet Muhammad was sent “only as a mercy to the worlds.” Dr. John Andrew Morrow’s The Messenger of Mercy provides detailed textual evidence of Muhammad’s goodwill, magnanimity, and forbearance towards Muslims, Christians, Jews, polytheists, and all human beings he encountered. This book also demonstrates that the vast majority of Muslim rulers and scholars throughout history followed the prophetic paradigm of pluralism. In addition to countering the cruel distortions of Islam from groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS, this precious volume may also serve to remind readers of the presence of mercy in our own hearts and in our relations with others.” Dr. Zachary Markwith, The Graduate Theological Union

“We are grateful to Professor Morrow for deepening our appreciation of the mercy, love, and compassion that lie at the very heart of the message of Islam.” Dr. Reza Shah-Kazemi, author of The Spirit of Tolerance in Islam, and other works

“The work of my friend, Ilyas Islam (Dr. John Morrow), is revolutionary! It is his book, The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World, that is the inspiration for our major exhibition, “Muslims with Christians and Jews: An Exhibition of Covenants and Co-existence” which premiered in June 2019 in Jackson, MS, with plans to travel across America. This new book, The Messenger of Mercy, continues to build on that great work. The  pioneering research and discoveries of Ilyas Islam have catalyzed the Islamic revival through a new generation at just the right moment in our history. May Allah reward him.” Okolo Rashid, President/Co-founder of the International Museum of Muslim Cultures, Jackson, MS

“In the last two decades, a handful of North American scholars have shed refreshing light on the prophet Muhammad and his precedent-setting relations with neighboring religious communities in his times. Dr. John Morrow is a passionate researcher in this field. We are lucky to have him.” Michael Wolfe, Author, One Thousand Roads to Mecca

“If you want to know about Muhammad’s message and skills as a consensus builder and learn about Islam this book provides a great foundation.” Denise Owens, Chancellor for Hinds County, Mississippi, senior judge, and adjunct professor of law at the University of Mississippi

“It is only now, when the signs of the Hour are making their appearance, one by one, on the stage of history, that certain elements of the true Islam of the Prophet are being unearthed by true scholars working under the hand of Allah — whose ink, according to the hadith, is as precious as the blood of the martyrs. Or even more so. These include the Covenants or Peace Treaties of the Prophet, which had fallen so far into obscurity that they had almost been forgotten by the ummah.” Charles Upton, Executive Director of the Covenants of the Prophet Foundation

The Messenger of Mercy